Identity Verification

In order to provide you with any of these certificates, you must verify your identity. Here are the ways you can verify your identity.

One item from this list is sufficient:

  • Driver's License, any state as long as it's current
  • State Identification Card, any state as long as it's current
  • IL FOID Card (Firearm Owner ID) 
  • CU MTD Bus Pass Card
  • Passport
  • Naturalization Certification
  • US Military Identification Card
  • US Immigration Card
  • Selective Service Card
  • Matricula Card issued by the Mexican Consulate

If you don't have any of those items, you can provide one item from each of these two lists to verify your identity.

Group 1

  • Social Security Card
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Photo Work Identification Card
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Resident Alien Card
  • School Identification Card
  • Checkbook or Savings book (showing name and address)
  • Champaign County Jail Photo ID Bracelet

Group 2

  • W-2 Form Bank Statement (within the past 90 days)
  • Utility Bill (within the past 60 days)
  • Active Insurance Policy (at least 1 year old)
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Current Lease Current
  • 1st Class Mail
  • Jail Discharge Papers
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